WIP – Crows, Rock, Driftwood + painting birds

CrowsRockDriftwood (7 of 8)

After a very, very long time (years?) since I’ve done any oil painting, I started a new canvas recently, based on a monotype I did last month. The idea is to work as fast as possible and just finish it (I have dozens of unfinished paintings lying around), but it’s been a bit slow-going since painting is limited to what time I can find on weekends. These are details of Crows, Rock, Driftwood. Or maybe Driftwood, Rock, Crows…not sure yet.

CrowsRockDriftwood_sm (2 of 8) Looking at it now, onscreen, I realise I don’t like the two birds on the far left. They remind me too much of those decorative metal crows you might find in an interior decor store so I think I’m going to paint those over first chance I get. CrowsRockDriftwood (8 of 8)