painting | Crows Rocks Driftwood

Finally. Finished and varnished.

I’m a bit happier with parts of this a couple of revisions ago. But the point of this one was to just get it done and move on. Learn from the mistakes, etc.

So. I’m moving on.


Crows Rocks Driftwood | oil on canvas | 16″x20″
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WIP – Crows, Rock, Driftwood + painting birds

CrowsRockDriftwood (7 of 8)

After a very, very long time (years?) since I’ve done any oil painting, I started a new canvas recently, based on a monotype I did last month. The idea is to work as fast as possible and just finish it (I have dozens of unfinished paintings lying around), but it’s been a bit slow-going since painting is limited to what time I can find on weekends. These are details of Crows, Rock, Driftwood. Or maybe Driftwood, Rock, Crows…not sure yet.

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