monotype – Driftwood, Rock, Crows | Cape Roger Curtis

Driftwood, Rock, Crows | Cape Roger Curtis
Oil monotype on rag paper
8 1/2 ″ x 11 1/2″ image area


This monotype is referenced from a bunch of photographs I took on my last visit with friends to Cape Roger Curtis on Bowen Island and includes some of my favourite subjects – birds and driftwood. I like the twisting shapes of driftwood, and the contrast of bleached bone-white against dark, wet rocks. I like how huge logs perched on the tops of mounded rocky shores, or crammed together in twisted masses are reminders of the wild energy of the waves that put them there.

Cape Roger Curtis used to be one of my favourite places to visit. But as is the curse of beautiful places, everyone wants a piece of it to put a vacation home on, and now the things that made that place so lovely are being gnawed away.


On our walk that day, we came across a tangle of deer bones in the rocks above the shore. It seemed like an odd place to find them, but after I watched a buck swim past me while I was painting at a beach this summer, the circumstances surrounding the bones are less mysterious.


Cape Roger Curtis (before subdivision):


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