painting | Crows Rocks Driftwood

Finally. Finished and varnished.

I’m a bit happier with parts of this a couple of revisions ago. But the point of this one was to just get it done and move on. Learn from the mistakes, etc.

So. I’m moving on.


Crows Rocks Driftwood | oil on canvas | 16″x20″
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WIP – Crows, Rock, Driftwood + painting birds

CrowsRockDriftwood (7 of 8)

After a very, very long time (years?) since I’ve done any oil painting, I started a new canvas recently, based on a monotype I did last month. The idea is to work as fast as possible and just finish it (I have dozens of unfinished paintings lying around), but it’s been a bit slow-going since painting is limited to what time I can find on weekends. These are details of Crows, Rock, Driftwood. Or maybe Driftwood, Rock, Crows…not sure yet.

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Painting – Bowen Island

It’s been a few years, but I’ve started messing around with oil paint again. Nothing spectacular, just getting the feel back, trying to get comfortable with colour, and focussing on enjoying the medium.

Killarney Lake, Bowen Island

Under Lily, Killarney Lake, Bowen Island | study, oil on board | 8″ x 8″


Bowen Bay

Bowen Bay, Bowen Island | oil on board | 8″ x 10″

Sandhill Crane Screen

Sandhill Cranes (details) | oil on gold leaf on panel by Margaret Fitz-Gibbon

This is a portion of one of the panels of a screen my grandma painted some years ago. It’s always been a favourite of mine. The whole thing is 12′ long by 6′ tall and made up of 6 individual panels.

My grandma paints intermittantly now and no longer in this style. She finds painting on gold leaf physically tiring – especially at this size. Much of the time painting is spent tipping the panels at just the right angle to avoid glare. The subject matter, however, is still very similar – birds and plants. It kills me how she can pick up a pencil to draw, sometimes after a break of 1 or more years, and produce an absolutley perfect little bird or bud or leaf. She insists that when I’m her age it’ll be the same for me and that even when she’s not drawing she thinks about it. But I do the same – I just find when I’ve had time off I need to retrain the muscles in my drawing hand and reconnect the line between my eyes, my brain and my hand and I just don’t seem to find the same ease with it as she seems to.

Finished Painting ~ Orphir Bay, Orkney

Finished Painting ~ Orphir, Orkney

Orphir Bay, Orkney | oil on panel, 12″ x 15 1/2″


After spending most of the year not painting, this is a first getting back into it piece. It’s painted over an old oil sketch I did in college, on a badly primed piece of panel (that’s why the vertical lines). It’s meant as a bit of a *throwaway piece – something to do to get the feel back but not feel too precious about. The reference photo was taken in July during a trip to Orkney. I stayed with cousins on their farm in Orphir. Our room had a view of Scapa Flow, the church yard where the ruins of Earl’s Bu and the round church are, and the fields and fences seen in this painting.

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