WIP – monotypes


I’ve been playing with monotypes recently, in an attempt to find some pleasure in doing artwork again.

My first couple were less than successful, but I quickly figured out the issues and finally produced a couple of prints with the amount of ink transfer I was looking for. The paper wasn’t soaked long enough to pull the sizing out of it, so the ink didn’t transfer properly for the first two attempts. But those test have lent themselves to being painted and printed over.



//(failed) print, test 1


//failed print test 1, with over-printing, and watercolour & ink over-painting


The process is enjoyable because it doesn’t involve a lot of set up, or clean up, or special tools. I can employ the kind of mark making that feels natural to me, it feels like part drawing part sculpting, and there are endless options for approaching the process. There is also a lot of unpredictability with it, which is fun, and helps me let go of becoming paralyzed by over-planning.

For now, I’m trying to start simple, which is very hard for me. I always have intentions of doing something simple, but then fall in love with some complicated aspect of a subject and things snowball from there. So for this, I’ve chosen a subject I’m familiar with so that I can redraw and redraw while exploring the medium, and not get all caught up in worrying about the drawing part. And I’m sticking, at first, to black.


//plate & failed print test 2


I’m using oil paint, mixed with block printing medium (so it’s got a nice long open time), on 100% rag paper.