2013 Mayor’s Arts Award

It’s always wonderful to see talented people receive recognition for their work, which is the case with the 2013 Mayor’s Arts Award for craft and design, awarded this year to jeweller Dominique Bréchault.

I’ve admired Dominique’s work since I first saw her piece, Homing Device, at the Museum of Vancouver’s Art of Craft exhibition in 2010. And since then I’ve enjoyed her writings on her blog, Metal + Mettle, which explores art inspiration, her process, and thoughts on the process of art making in general, as well as lovely images from her sketchbook).

One thought on “2013 Mayor’s Arts Award

  1. Kirsti, your compliments, coming from an accomplished multi-talented artist/designer/illustrator like you, mean a lot to me.
    You are such an inspiration!
    Thank you so much.

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