Framed Crow


I was framing a couple of illustrations yesterday and in the box that passes for my artwork storage I came across a little ink sketch that fit a spare frame I had lying around. Framing is tedious, expensive and time consuming and my wallspace is minimal so things don’t often make it under glass but it’s kind of nice when they do. I haven’t had a lot of time to make art that is meant to be the sort that hangs on the wall. The few large pieces destined for retail applications are very commercial, and other work has been for alternative applications or book art, so doing something that has no other purpose than to hang on a wall is rather novel. It’s also nice to work on a subject that’s purely my own choice and for my own amusement.

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  1. I worked in a frame shop going through college. I miss having access to the tools and free scrap material, i can’t really afford to do it paying full price now luckily when I worked there I framed everything I could

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