New Work ~ lululemon Walnut Street

Portfolio update:

I’ve added work that I designed for lululemon‘s Walnut Street, PA store to my portfolio. The Ganesha in the process image above is the centerpiece for it. A while ago, I blogged a few early drawings.

Like the East Hampton and the Palmer Square artwork, I haven’t actually seen the final pieces as they were printed and assembled in Boston. I’m used to doing everything from beginning to end, including going to the printer’s and hovering over the piece as it slowly inches out of the machine. So it feels a bit odd to send the files off across the continent all by themselves and never see the result.

I’m assuming this piece made it up onto the wall… I’m not likely to be in Philidelphia anytime soon to see for myself, so if anyone else does, do let me know.

I’ve also licensed another version of this piece for another East Coast lululemon store, so you might come across a very similar one in another city.