tattooed bottoms & other interesting things


Dragon & koi tattoos, from Jonathan Vaughn Strebly’s 2011 talk on the stories told by tattoos.

I’ve just finished a fun little project illustrating some promo materials for the talented team who have put together this year’s Interesting Vancouver. The primary use is for the website, so that informed the format. They are intended as visual texture behind the content and were inspired by soundbites from past Interesting Vancouver talks.


High-flung soles, from Todd Sieling’s 2011 talk on his photographic obsession.


Drifting Bucket, from Tori Holmes’ 2012 talk on rowing across the Atlantic.

There are so many other great topics, with so many evocative stories I wish I had time to illustrate too, like: suits/armour/codpieces, iguanas, incarceration, terrified dancing dads, chocolate science, perfume science, beer, a transgender journey, foraging in the wilds of Vancouver, BC’s absurd liquor laws, and sex work in Vancouver, to name a few.

All the past talks are available through IV’s Vimeo page (where you might catch a glimpse of an actual tattooed bum).

This year’s Interesting Vancouver edition, taking place at the Museum of Vancouver, is sold out! As is the pre-talk dinner. If you’re interested in taking in next year’s Interesting Vancouver talks, subscribe to updates through their blog, twitter, or facebook page.

Something interesting…

Sandwiched in among all the exhibit design work my partner and I have on the go right now, I am working on something a bit fun and interesting.

More details on that to come shortly, but in the meantime here’s a piece that started out fun, but then started to become annoying when it didn’t work out as I wanted.


A Creative Mix

I’ve been so busy the last little while that I don’t know where my head is. Also, I forgot to mention earlier that I’ve been collaborating on a little creative diversion for an event that’s happening… tomorrow. Rachael Ashe invited Darren and I to create a little multimedia installation with her for the Creative Mix conference (Roundhouse Mews, November 4, 2010). I’m doing the illustration portion of it.

Come by and check it out – the exhibition portion is open to the public, 9am – 4pm and free. There’s also a conference – details and registration info here.

New Work ~ Calgary +15 illustrations

2 +15 illustrations

+15 illustration – Winter Activities Scene+15 illustration – Snowball Fight | vector illustration

I’ve added new work to the illustration section of my portfolio (here and here). These were created for 2 +15’s (the covered, elevated walkways located above street level) in Calgary, AB to celebrate winter activities in the city’s parks.

The final illustrations were cut from frosted vinyl and adhered to the windows (vinyl and install by Artcraft Display Graphics), then lit by Eos Lightmedia. I haven’t seen the photos of the final install so I’m not really sure what the final installation looks like – but this is what the final vector files looked like when I handed them off for vinyl cutting. The work was installed January 2010.

The top illustration is 7’6″x aprox 90′ and covers all the window panes on one side of the walkway. The lower illustration (the snowball fight), spans 4 windows.

+15 illustration (winter activities scene) detail

Winter activities scene – detail
+15 illustration (winter activities scene) detail
Winter activities scene – detail

+15 illustration (winter activities scene) detail

Winter activities scene – detail

+15 illustration (winter activities scene) detail

Winter activities scene – detail

+15 illustration (snowball fight scene) detail

Snowball fight scene – detail

+15 illustration (snowball fight scene) detail

Snowball fight scene – detail

Snowball fight scene – sketches and rough inks

Winter activity scene – sketches

Winter activity scene – sketches

New work – preview

I’ve had a lot of projects on the go over the last few months. But as they’re all ongoing, I can’t quite post them yet. However, here are some of the sketches for the very newest project that might actually be done and installed before all the rest. This image is fitting because it looks like it’s just begun to snow in earnest here and the roads are covered with the first of tonight’s forecasted 15cm.

Edit: the final work is here.

Sketchbook – Go By Bus

Go By Bus | pencil, digital & ephemera

This is a little Photoshop exercise using a doodle from one of my sketchbooks.

original sketch | pencil

This creature needs a name along the lines of this fish – the sarcastic fringehead. The sarcastic fringehead was on the recently aired ‘Fish’ episode of David Attenborough’s Life and I’m not sure what delights me more – its name or its looks.

Here’s another clip of a pair of battling sarcastic fringheads.