WIP ~ The Octofrigate Of Scanning Doom

ink & pencil on tracing paper

This is the frigate bird/octopus rough I blogged earlier, now at a slightly later stage of development. It has now progressed beyond this to final inking and the Dreaded and Most Horrible stage of scanning & piecing together – a stage that involves much cursing. I’m not sure if it’s a quirk of my scanner or not, but the pixel ratio tends to differ between images scanned upside down vs rotated right side up- which makes for incredible annoyances when trying to put the drawing together out of numerous scans. In addition to this, cropping the scan area in-scanner results in all sorts of alignment impossibilities with the other scans. Of course, one only remembers these things after one has scanned 3 pieces of art X 5 pieces each @ 800dpi and then spent an hour trying to make two measly sections match up. (And if none of this makes any sense at all, I’m not surprised – after 13 hours of work today, all I’ve got left is brain pudding.)

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