Sketchbook ~ Passport Office

People signing and paying for their passports in the passport office | ballpoint pen

I kept putting off renewing my passport until I was finally in possession of a passport 5 months expired. I kept hearing horror stories of how long the waits were and how early people were getting to the offices to line up. I couldn’t bring myself to book off an entire half a day from work to stand in line (or get up at 6am). When I finally got around to it, it took me a total of 35 minutes for the whole process (and I could have knocked 15 minutes off that if I’d read one part of the form correctly). And they mailed it to me a couple of weeks later! A whole day earlier than they said they would! The only down side to the whole thing is that I was a little too casual with my passport photo – I didn’t want to obsess about it and just said to the photographer “yah, sure, that’s fine” without even really giving the shot a good look. So now I’m stuck showing a very intense, somewhat fanatical deer-in-the-headlights version of myself to every suspicious passport control officer I encounter.

Now I just have to get my taxes in order. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.