travel sketchbook – Oswald West State Park, Oregon


I’m just back from a great “camping” trip down on the Oregon Coast (not exactly camping, if it’s in a trailer, right?).

I spent a day down at Short Sand Beach, in Oswald West State Park, taking photos and painting little watercolour studies. After spending way too long on a larger, fussy painting the day before, I realised that if I just did littler versions, and focused on getting the general feeling of the place down, I might be able to loosen up a bit. The studies are 4 7/8″ x 3 3/8″.

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sketchbook – Bowen Island

I’ve just had a little mini vacation to Bowen Island – my favourite local getaway. When I’m there I’m virtually unreachable, and have no internet access, so it’s a proper rest from the usual everything-bombardment.

I spend the time working in the my grandma’s garden, or having long art-related conversations with her over lots of cups of tea, and I also take myself off to one of my many favourite painting locations and practice watercolours.

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Pigs + Society6 free shipping until Nov 17th

There is a free worldwide shipping offer on my prints on Society6 until Nov.17th 2013, through this link.


4-H pigs at the PNE

And, totally unrelated to prints, did you know there is a pig sanctuary in Mission, B.C. for unwanted ‘mini’ potbelly pigs.

I remember when there was the potbelly pig craze. And they were being touted as wonderful (small) house pets. And then people realised they weren’t so small, and actually required a lot of work, and unwanted pigs started showing up in shelters.

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sketchbook – 4-H animals


Live livestock drawing…

I took a detour through the PNE livestock barns on my way home from a friend’s birthday celebration at the track, and couldn’t resist stopping to draw some animals (and tickling some pig snouts) before heading home. Most of the animals (not the bison) in these sketches are 4-H projects, at their final fair.

Now all I want to do is go back and draw animals all day.


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sketchbook – monoprint experiments


On making mistakes, ugly things, and the terrifying thing that is an open-ended project

I’m still trying to figure things out, and still trying to get comfortable with messing up and just doing stuff to see what’ll happen; feeling all thumbs and trying very hard to be okay with that is what I find the hardest thing about creativity. By that admission, I think I’ve outed myself as not being truly creative.

I’ve been putting aside Fridays as play days – and the weekends too, if I can get one. That took a bit of getting used to. It took a while to get over the fear of actually starting something – I did a lot of reading & making notes for the first couple of weeks. Puttering in the garden. Napping. Generally practising exceptionally successful avoidance techniques. Now I’ve moved onto playing with messy things, so I think I’m safely over the first self-made obstacle. Still getting over the time allotment thing – it’s been a very long time since I’ve done something just for myself, and it feels more than somewhat invalid.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last few years, dreaming of a time when I can work on something for myself, mentally filing away project ideas, chafing under each job’s parameters, only to finally get the chance and feel my brain folding in on itself once faced with all the possibilities.


There are so many possibilities with printmaking, and I’m pretty interested in exploring different approaches to the same subject. I know it’ll help me get comfortable with the medium if I’m less concerned about what it is I’m drawing. At this point I’m just trying to see what different approaches look like, and getting an idea of how I can incorporate my own style into the process.

I’ve given myself some rules. And some goals – but not enough to freak myself. Expect a lot of very poorly executed crow pieces in the next few months. At this point, I (think) I’m totally fine with producing ugly stuff.