A Different Kind of Painting

I’ve been on a bit of a break from my home studio, having relocated for one week to my grandmother’s island studio where I have a corner of my own to work on larger paintings. I’ve been recharging my creative batteries by chipping away at a sizable oil painting that I’m hoping will be the beginning of a series. It’s nice to just paint and let the painting be what it wants to be rather than beating it into submission to fit the parameters of a project.

At the beginning of the week, a friend came over and we took advantage of the sizable studio space to do some light painting photography one evening. However, the long exposures didn’t play nice with my camera (or card?), prompting a repeated error 99 so everything was shot on her Canon Digital Rebel XT. After a bit of fussy experimentation with too many lights, we figured out that less is definitely more. My photos lean a little heavy on the ‘spitting’ side as I kept getting the trajectory of the light spit wrong and had to keep redoing them (it’s hard to see your target in the dark). As it is, the spit still seems to be emanating from the chin area.


One thought on “A Different Kind of Painting

  1. This is so cool, Kirsti! I saw something like it in the photo session at Northern Voice. I really want to try it myself sometime. I like your angel the best…


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