Both a Dummy and a Bad Blogger

I started reading a book co-authored by a friend, Blogging for Dummies (2nd edition). And it makes me realise what a rotten blogger I am. I mean, I already knew I was… but now I have proof. I’m crap because I just don’t blog enough. Mostly it’s because I don’t have time and lately I’ve been working on stuff that really isn’t bloggable in detail yet. This particular thing is just occupying way too much time right now and not leaving much room for bloggable items. or laundry. or sketching. or that lovely pile of books that’s growing, unread on the bedside table. or the garden which is sloughing off winter at an alarming pace. I’m stuck on the project that just won’t die. And by die, I mean, be finished, completed, come to fruition. Not die as in, “we’re very sorry but we’ve decided to call the whole thing off, pity you spent 10 months of your life on it, you fool” (which does happen time to time in the industry that this particular project is associated with and wouldn’t surprise me). So let’s not get confused about that, project gods, I would like a nice satisfying end to this thing so I can move on to the stuff that I need and desperately want to be doing. I will happily sacrifice my bestest, strongest, softest and most supple 6B to you if it will help.

On the subject of blogging, this weekend is Northern Voice – the blogging unconference, or whatever. I was going to pass it by – “I’m not a real blogger, why would I got to a conference about something I don’t really do?” – except that I know some of the organisers and they’ve piqued my curiosity about the whole thing. As well, the pre-party is held in a tiki lounge – sorry Polynesian room at the Waldorf Hotel which is reason enough. I admit, I’ve never really got the whole tiki lounge thing. I’ve actually had dinner in one that has periodic thunder showers and I didn’t fully appreciate it at the time, apparently, because I’d forgotten about it until now. Or perhaps it was because the food was mediocre and overpriced – I don’t remember greasy spring rolls being a typical Polynesian fare. But I digress. I’m interested in seeing the artwork at the Waldorf- the murals and the velvet paintings. I’m kind of interested to see a velvet painting that may actually be art and will not remind me of 1970’s rec room decor or the basement of an spca thrift store. As for the conference itself, a few fellow CWILL BC authors are part of a panel about authors who blog. The conference will either make me blog more and better or, well… or nothing one way or the other.