Rachael’s Show

A friend of mine, Rachael Ashe, has a photography show up right now. I took a few photos at the opening but they don’t do the pieces justice.
The artwork consists of her photos of trees printed on metal plates using a heat press method. The medium has added another dimension to the colours of the Holga prints by allowing specks of metal to shine through here and there. The already ethereal feeling of the images – bare branched trees with a pair of snagged balloons, an orchard at night in winter, red leaves shining against a blue sky – has been heightened through the softening of edges and the textured ink surface of this unique medium.

The show continues until the end of October at Radha Yoga & Eatery in Vancouver.

Trees I have dreamed


3 thoughts on “Rachael’s Show

  1. She’s got some really nice ones. I hope she puts more up on Etsy.

    I’ve got a Holga print by her hanging on my wall. It’s a bunch of crows walking through a puddle in a parking lot – it was a gift and I love it.

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