Holgas & Paperbacks

Wood Burning Oven/Yellow Table

Wood Burning Oven/Yellow Table
Holga | Fuji NPZ 800

The Holga is a spontaneous sort of camera and I’m trying to get better at the whole spontaneous photography thing. I’ve just found out that my local 30 minute photo lab processes 120 (thanks for the tip Rachael). Now I don’t have to wait so long to see what new way I’ve managed to damage a roll of film.

Yesterday, while waiting for a roll of 35mm to develop, I wandered around the neigbourhood with my Holga, took some photos, dropped off the roll for developing and went to Vancouver Kidsbooks to kill the half hour until pickup time. I saw that one of the books I illustrated a few years ago is now out in paperback – they had a whole stack on a rack on the outside of a shelf – cover facing out.

As for the photographs, I managed not to destroy a single frame this time and even pulled off of a couple I’m happy with, like the one above. Not a bad day.