Book Sneak Peek ~ Finished, Packed and Shipped

Finished illustrations - on stretchers
Finished canvases still on the stretcher bars.

Early in July I finished the illustrations for my latest children’s picture book project Catching Time, written by Rachna Gilmore (Red Deer Press, Spring 2008). The illustrations were finally packed up and shipped out yesterday.

It’s been a long process. This is what my studio, and the weather, looked like at the beginning of the painting part of the project (in November ’06)…

…and this is what it looked like at the end (July ’07).

Finished illustrations
Canvas cut off the stretcher bars and ready for shipping.

I’ll post more photos of the illustrations, as well as photos of the illustration process once the book is out.

After about 2 1/2 years of book work, peppered with other projects slotted in here and there, I’m officially on my kid’s book illustration break for a while and it feels really, really good. While I’m book burnt-out, I’m not yet painting burnt-out and will be trying to find a few days here and there to get busy on some of my own work.