New Work ~ lululemon Chinook Centre

This is actually new old work from back in May, but I only recently got a chance to get photos of it when I was in Calgary for an event. These are photos of lululemon athletica’s Chinook Centre storefront. I illustrated the bison (my drawings were then cut out of layers of wood by the fabricator). This was the first time I saw them in 3D. They’re pretty big in person. More images, including the original drawings that were the basis for the final wooden artwork, are now up on my illustration portfolio.

New Work ~ lululemon SoHo

I’ve updated my illustration portfolio with new piece of artwork I completed for lululemon in the summer. This 3 panel piece, called Air & Water, went to the new lululemon athletica store in SoHo, New York.


Air & Water | detail


text panel detail & work in progress


work in progress – varnishing


UPDATE: apparently, during store renovations, this piece was destroyed in a flood so it’ll be replaced by a reprint on canvas.


New Work ~ Culture Craze

Culture Craze Squid | Park Royal Mall, West Vancouver

I finally got a chance to visit some of my recently installed work and get some photos – this is the Culture Craze retail kiosk in Park Royal Mall, West Vancouver.

The kiosk was designed by Waddell and Conder and the fabrication was by 3 Dimensional Services.

The graphics continue up over the top of the cabinet (where the squid’s tentacles are wrapped around the branches of the tree).

(This is what this and this (but without the colour) was for.)


Culture Craze Tree | Park Royal Mall, West Vancouver


squid detail


tree root detail

WIP ~ The Octofrigate Of Scanning Doom

ink & pencil on tracing paper

This is the frigate bird/octopus rough I blogged earlier, now at a slightly later stage of development. It has now progressed beyond this to final inking and the Dreaded and Most Horrible stage of scanning & piecing together – a stage that involves much cursing. I’m not sure if it’s a quirk of my scanner or not, but the pixel ratio tends to differ between images scanned upside down vs rotated right side up- which makes for incredible annoyances when trying to put the drawing together out of numerous scans. In addition to this, cropping the scan area in-scanner results in all sorts of alignment impossibilities with the other scans. Of course, one only remembers these things after one has scanned 3 pieces of art X 5 pieces each @ 800dpi and then spent an hour trying to make two measly sections match up. (And if none of this makes any sense at all, I’m not surprised – after 13 hours of work today, all I’ve got left is brain pudding.)


Roughs and final drawings

leaves, squid & jellies | ink & brush pen, pencil

Here’s a little sneak peek of some of the bits and pieces that went into a piece of work I delivered yesterday. The final illustration is off to print very soon. It’ll then become a graphic element on a piece of cabinetry and live out its little black and white life in a retail environment. ETA on that and photos of the final piece is end of the month.

UPDATE: I’ve posted photos of the final artwork here.


WP WIP | wet paint work in progress

details of a wet paint on a current work in progress | acrylic paint on panel

Once the paint is dry the next step will be rubbing off the little bodies of insects that committed suicide in the wet paint. It’s like the La Brea tar pits on a micro scale. Kind of fitting as the final illustration is insect inspired.