Sketchbook ~ Go Away You Owls

Go Away You Owls | pen & ink


Go Away You Owls | pen & ink with digital colour

The drawing is from the archives (10 years ago – 22 and fresh out of school); the digital colouring is fresh (in the last week – pushing 32..).

This post is for Fiona who I know checks in on my blog for the sketches despite her dial-up. Which is such a lovely compliment. And I’m sorry my sketch blogging has been so spotty recently, Fiona. So here are two images. (Sorry! It’ll be a little dial-up intensive but I hope it’s worth it).

Fiona wrote a lovely review of her book bag haul from the CWILL BC Spring Book Hatching this past weekend. Looking for Loons was one of the books. Thanks Fiona!

And more great Looking for Loons news – my friend and former agent now literary consultant, Leona Trainer, wrote to tell me that LfL is listed as one of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Best Books of 2008! I need to track down a physical copy of the journal as the list doesn’t seem to exist on line – or at least it has eluded my google-assisted snooping and my rock-turning on the ccbc site.

Looking for Loons Review in Cottage Life

Looking for Loons review in Cottage Life

There’s a really nice review of Looking for Loons in the Winter 2007 issue of Cottage Life.

Author Jennifer Lloyd and illustrator Kirsti Anne Wakelin, both Canadians, create a sensory feast, from the sunlight on a pillow to the bang of a cast-iron pan on the stove.

-Liann Bobechko, Cottage Life, Winter 2007

The magazine is full of all things cottage as well as the 2007 photo contest winners – images of enviable times spent with family and friends, surrounded by nature.

Looking for Loons review in Cottage Life


First Review for Looking for Loons

Book Review

Looking for Loons, (Jennifer Lloyd auth., Kirsti Anne Wakelin illust., published by Simply Read Books) won’t be out until the fall, but was reviewed from the proofs in the Quill & Quire.

excerpt from the Q&Q, July/August 2007, page 68:

Vancouver illustrator Kirsti Anne Wakelin’s luminous watercolours are an excellent match for the natural beauty of the tale’s setting. Glowing reds, oranges, and golds fill the double-page spreads.

-Jessica Kelley, a youth librarian from Vancouver living in Fresno, California

For this and other reviews of new Canadian (and international) books – both kidlit and adult – pick up a July/August copy of the Quill & Quire, Canada’s Magazine of Book News and Reviews.

EDIT: the review is now up on the Quill & Quire site.