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The recent rain has made me nostalgic for Portland (sorry Portland! I know you probably have lovely weather too.). But it’s true – I wish I had time for another trip down there this fall, and not just because my supply of cheap Trader Joe’s Port and chocolate has long run out. I had such a good time on my visit last winter (even in the rain) –  yummy food, proper diner breakfasts, fun shops, a comfy hotel room, beautiful and misty Japanese gardens, Trader Joe’s hotel room picnics, happy hour, the Japanese woodblock print exhibit at the Portland Art Museum… sigh.

Also, another great reason to visit this fall would be to see my friend Rachael‘s work in a show of movable artist books. What are movable artist books? Well, have a look at their online catalogue to find out. Or, better yet, if you’re in Portland between September 22 and October 30, 2010, check them out in person.

A brand new East Vancouver resident, Rachael has been working on some more altered books for the upcoming Eastside Culture Crawl. She also had a piece in a show in the UK and an installation in the Container Art Show at the PNE this summer.

I’m really impressed and inspired by how prolific and focused Rachael has been, especially since her art is so labour intensive.

UPDATE: Rachael also has work in the group show ReVision – the Art of Recycling at the Granville Island Hotel, 1253 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC on Saturday & Sunday, October 2 & 3, 2010 at 11:00 am to 5:00 pm

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