Half World Vancouver

The other evening, I hit a wall working on an ongoing project so I left the studio for a bit of a walk around the neighbourhood. It’s now fall. Not sure when that happened, but it’s a sign I should probably get out more often.

My walk was meant to be, because I came across a little store selling new and secondhand comics and such* and among the books was YA novel Half World (author Hiromi Goto, illust. Jillian Tamaki). I’ve been looking for this book, with no luck, ever since I saw it on Jillian Tamaki’s blog. I didn’t realise it was set (partly) in Vancouver until I started reading it last night. Her other illustrated book, Skim (author Mariko Tamaki, illust. Jillian Tamaki), is a favourite of mine. She’s caught the postures of her characters so perfectly. Her expressive line and brush work is so lovely it makes me want to give up.

*I can’t remember the shop name, off hand. But it’s around 4th and Bayswater.