Adapted berry pie

EOS 40D1780

It’s berry season and we’ve got 10lbs of blueberries to deal with and limited freezer space as well as a whole pile of on-the-verge-of-fermentation lemons and limes. Pie time!

This is the from the Canyon Ranch Cooks cookbook – it’s the recipe for Lemon Blackberry Pie. But I used mostly limes, no zest (because the limes were on the old side and the skins were a little yuck), and blueberries and a few raspberries instead of blackberries. Also, I went with 4 whole eggs instead of 3 whole eggs + 2 egg whites because I hate the idea of throwing out egg yolks. The crust is store bought because pastry and I don’t see eye to eye. Without the pastry prep, this is a super easy pie for me to make (extra points!). And it’s delish.

It’s got 3/4c of sugar and 1/4 c of butter in it. The idea behind including recipes like this in a cookbook about healthy eating is portion control; the serving size is supposed to be 1/16 of the pie. But I, um,  just seem to be able to cut them that small…

I’ve also made the lime pot de crème from the same book – which is also super.