my top 8 of ’08

The incomparable and globally connected kc dyer invited me to write a list of my top 8 of ’08 as a guest blogger on leftwriter. The subject was open. And, like any open subject, I found it really hard. I have lots of things to list from this year, they just didn’t fall into any sort of theme. And I like my random list of things to relate somehow.

My top 8 of  08 list isn’t earth shattering, particularly well written, eloquent, profound or selfless in any way. But it is accompanied by pictures.

What’s very cool about it though, is that it sits there in the middle of a bunch of other people’s top 8 of 08 lists. It’s a very diverse bunch of lists from a group of literary folk.

Read my list  over here on leftwriter.

2 thoughts on “my top 8 of ’08

  1. We were so excited to see the puffins! This was from the Brough of Birsay. They were flying in and out of the cliffs and I did get a few photos of them coming in for landings. They are the most ungainly looking things with their bright orange feet spread out on approach. Unfortunately, it was difficult to judge where they’d come in each time, and the light was a bit low, so my photos are a quite blurry.

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