A Weakness for Words




I am not a compulsive shopper. I don’t go in for collecting things generally. But when there are words for sale it’s another matter. I have to admit, my word choices are not exactly exciting but my mind went a little blank when faced with such choice. Incidentally, dingbat, moustache and perambulate are still, at the time of this post, available. And unlike the Scrabble dictionary, zen is a valid word (though it’s already been redefined).

3 thoughts on “A Weakness for Words

  1. Ack — I am such a word glutton. I just bought ten of ’em!

    Also sent the link to Boing boing — these guys have hit on a GREAT idea!


  2. Thanks Paddy,

    unfortunately the widget uses java and the free versions of wordpress don’t allow it. If you make and html one that would be great.

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