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This is a digital illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday theme, Trick or Treat. I’m trying to get back into creating little illustrations each week as a way of experimenting with different mediums. Illustration Friday is a great excuse. This is my first one in a long time.

The image is a build-upon of a digital sketch I did over the top of a photo I took of my boyfriend in his Hallowe’en getup last year. Some of the wings and claws and bits and pieces are from photos of dead birds I’ve taken over the years. The pile of bones once belonged to a squirrel who went a little funny before finally dying under the pampas grass in our front yard one summer. I had plans of putting it back together once it was in bone form but after collecting up all the bits of it the following spring, down to the teeny-tiny toe bones, I decided that I am happy to leave it in a jumble in a box on the shelf. A portion of a crab shell makes up the base of the crown and textures came from a handy texture book/cd we bought recently. I created custom brushes to paint in bits here and there.


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