Making the Inedible Edible, One Day at a Time

Making the Inedible Edible, One Day at a Time.
Sadie in the Studio, North Vancouver, June 21, 2005

This is Sadie, my grandma’s dog. She’s all about the possibility that a bit of cookie will find its way down to her level. Sadie eats everything.

A list of the things Sadie has eaten but shouldn’t have (that we know about) to date:

• her leash
• pinecones (various sizes) but she prefers the slim, smooth ones soaked in puddle water.
• rocks
• sand
• a rubber
• paper (various sizes/shapes and types)
• 1/2 of a maggoty crow, one wing still attached
• the head of a plastic spatula which wouldn’t show up in an x-ray so the vet didn’t believe she ate it until it ‘appeared’ 5 months later.
• wood chunks of various sizes and types (the wood-mass does show up in an x-ray).
• sea shells
• bull kelp – the bulb end – swallowed whole

Most of these things she eats on a semi regular basis such as the paper products, pinecones, wood and rocks. Except for her leash, which was eaten at home on the first day she was adopted, the rest was consumed at the park where she is taken for daily walks. And most of that was consumed at a ‘galumph’ speed while dashing down the path out of reach.

Sadie makes the inedible, edible.

Otherwise she’s a really sweet, albeit daft, dog.