Photos from DIY @ MOV Two


DIY @ MOV Two took place on April 9th and it was a pretty great evening. First there’s the setting; the night started while the sun was going down and the city was still visible. It’s hard to beat the view of the West End across False Creek from the Museum of Vancouver. Then there were the hands-on workshops available to introduce people to different crafts. I saw lots of first time spinners, knitters, weavers and felters who looked like they were having a ball. The girl with Birkeland Bros. Wool (I unfortunately didn’t catch her name) did a great job breaking in the unpsun. Spinning is a lot trickier than it looks.

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Art making at DIY @ MOV One

If you were sad to miss it the first time, you have another chance: after a full house debut, DIY @ MOV is back by popular demand.

On APRIL 09, 2010 at 7:00 PM, the Museum of Vancouver will be putting on another night of social crafting with new workshops and more art materials.

There will be  weaving, drawing, felting, collage, spinning and jewellery making workshops as well as a mini craft market by Birkeland Bros. Wool, Collage Collage, Fiber Manipulator Jewellery, Urban Source, and Got Craft?.

Come for the crafting or just come for the socialising or to catch the Art of Craft exhibition before it closes.

Music – Bar – Free Materials

$15, Members free
Tickets at the door or online.


Art making at DIY @ MOV One

Photos from DIY@MOV

DIY @ MOV – A Night of Social Crafting happened last week at the Museum of Vancouver. A much larger than expected crowd showed up to cut, glue, draw, knit, enjoy a beverage or two and wander through the exhibits currently on at the museum (Art of Craft and Ravishing Beasts).






There are more photos here.

Art of Craft – curator talk

Art of Craft Exhibit Design/”By Hand” Curator Talk – presented during the Museum of Vancouver Art of Craft curator talk and tour evening, January 14, 2010
by Kirsti Wakelin



Earlier this spring, Darren Carcary of Resolve Design, and I were handed a stack of paper containing photographs and dimensions of over 120 objects for “Unity in Diversity” and “By Hand” that were to make up two of the three galleries in the Museum of Vancouver’s January 2010 exhibition Art of Craft. Immediately inspired by the objects we were to be working with, we began by creating a virtual model of each piece so that we could begin the long process of designing the Art of Craft exhibition.

It became quickly apparent that this was an incredibly diverse show. For all intents and purposes, the only thing many of these objects had in common was that they were made by skilled hands. We also realised that we wanted to keep the design out of the way of the objects. This approach informed our colour pallete and typographic treatment for all three galleries, and the pathing and display decisions for “Unity in Diversity” and “By Hand”.


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MOV Art of Craft Opening Soon

MOV Art of Craft

The exhibit Darren Carcary and I co-designed for the Museum of Vancouver opens January 14th, 2010.

The opening party is January 13th at 7pm – for more info on the event and to buy tickets please visit the MOV website.

There is also a curators’ talk and tour on the evening of January 14th.

The exhibit includes amazing Canadian and Korean craft talent and we feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to design an exhibit around such inspiring pieces.

MOV Art of Craft exhibit design


December 17, 2009 was the first day of vinyl install for the MOV Art of Craft exhibit. We started with Unity In Diversity – the Canadian National exhibit space and also began installing a few of the objects in the space.


National Gallery – with platforms, shelving and title wall installed


A few of the objects were installed by the end of the day – the mannequin is in the process of being dressed before being moved to its location on one of the platforms.

We shot a time lapse over the course of the day – the vinyl installers were in so it’s mostly video of a lot of people running around, climbing up and down ladders, punctuated by Darren and I standing around deciding on exact hanging placements for wall mounted objects.



From MOV’s event page:

A Night of Social Crafting.

Come celebrate the creativity and community of the growing DIY craft, art and design movement in Vancouver.

Generously sponsored by OPUS, there’ll be materials and workshops in a range of art and craft media from paper to yarn. Activities are geared so that everyone can participate – from the craft newbie to seasoned creators.

The party vibe will continue with music, food and a bar. And if you’re super-proud of what you make at DIY@MOV, MOV is providing exhibit space so that your creation can be on public display in a museum. Think of the bragging rights!

$15 – Tickets available online or at the door.
MOV Members Free

MOV Art of Craft exhibit design

Following the design of the MOV Studio, Darren Carcary and I began the process of designing an upcoming exhibition of craft at the Museum of Vancouver. The exhibit spans three gallery spaces and will highlight works from Canada, BC and the Republic of Korea.

The design process is now into the final leg – the galleries have been painted and the exhibitry built and we’re now focusing on the finalisation of type graphics as well as a film component that we’ve built into the design. More on this project soon…

New work – MOV Studio Design

There was a mummy and a bicycle, a cougar and a beaver, as well as an (abridged) time-line of the history of Vancouver and the world. The floor was concrete so the acoustics were awful. The space was cluttered, confusing pathing and overwhelming the room – were the exhibits to the left or right? The Orientation Gallery at the Vancouver Museum needed a redesign; the Vancouver Museum was becoming the Museum of Vancouver. The brand was new and ready to be launched, the museum’s direction had been redefined and great new exhibitions were planned for the future (Velo-City was opening soon). The Orientation Gallery was soon to undergo a change of name and floor covering.




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