sketchbook – Bowen Island

I’ve just had a little mini vacation to Bowen Island – my favourite local getaway. When I’m there I’m virtually unreachable, and have no internet access, so it’s a proper rest from the usual everything-bombardment.

I spend the time working in the my grandma’s garden, or having long art-related conversations with her over lots of cups of tea, and I also take myself off to one of my many favourite painting locations and practice watercolours.

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Smooth Crossing

EOS 40D4646

Passing Point Atkinson, Lighthouse Park

I just have to mention (because I’m pretty giddy about it right now), if anyone is thinking of heading over to Bowen Island from Vancouver for a little escape from the city, give BC ferries a miss and catch the water taxi from Granville Island instead.

This little boat carries 12 foot passengers (+bikes and luggage) and takes approximately 30 minutes to make the crossing. And the views are wonderful. It has completely changed my travel experience to and from the island from now on.

The beginning of my week of work in the Bowen studio got off to a great start, thanks to a beautiful, swift crossing, on calm waters lit by a low November sun. Having the option to skip the bus trip (and all the random weird and obnoxious things that come with it) from my home to Horseshoe Bay (and the extra wait caused by incompatible bus/ferry schedules) was totally, totally worth the water taxi fare. I arrived at Snug Cove in 1/4 of the time it usually takes me to get there.

It’s advisable to call ahead though, as sailings during the commuter times are often booked solid.

EOS 40D4669

Granville Island Water Taxi at Snug Cove