WIP – gold, silver and copper forest





My grandma worked a lot on metal leaf (oil on gold and silver leaf)- often large scale screens, like this crane screen which is 6′ tall by 12′ long. I’ve always wanted to try it. Of course the stuff I’m using is the inexpensive composite metal – which is a good thing because it took me a long time and many ruined sheets before I got it to work they way I wanted it to. My squares are still really wonky – after working with this stuff I can appreciate how much work my grandma put into the preparation for the background of her screens. And my piece is only 11″ x 16″.

MOV – Fox, Fluevog & Friends exhibit design

The Fox, Fluevog & Friends opening party starts in a few hours. As a little preview of the show, here are two time lapses we shot of part of the install:

Installation of what I’m calling the Wall of ‘Vog – shot over two full shoe-hanging days. Thank you to Chris Friesen (MOV Display Technician) and Rachael Ashe (tireless volunteer) for working on this with me.


Title wall vinyl being put up by the installers at Arcprint & Imaging.

MOV Art of Craft exhibit design

The Museum of Vancouver‘s Art of Craft exhibit opens January 14th (opening night January 13th). We intended to blog the design process as we went along, but we’ve been so consumed with the design that we haven’t had any time to distill things down into posts. But I’d like to get a few work-in-progress photos up before opening night.

This is what the galleries looked like on November 12th. The previous exhibit, Velo-city, had dark walls (the remains of that are seen in the first photo). The BC and Canada gallery spaces show the new, light wall colours.

Korean Gallery

Republic of Korea exhibit space

BC Gallery

BC exhibit space

National Gallery

Canada exhibit space

MOV Art of Craft exhibit design

Following the design of the MOV Studio, Darren Carcary and I began the process of designing an upcoming exhibition of craft at the Museum of Vancouver. The exhibit spans three gallery spaces and will highlight works from Canada, BC and the Republic of Korea.

The design process is now into the final leg – the galleries have been painted and the exhibitry built and we’re now focusing on the finalisation of type graphics as well as a film component that we’ve built into the design. More on this project soon…

WIP ~ Flowers, Birds and Insects

Insects and Coneflowers

Insects and Birds on Coneflowers | pencil on cartridge paper

I’m working on something new these days. These are early concept sketches for it, as well as one of my pieces of reference that I photographed while visiting my Grandparents (and their large garden) in the interior of B.C.