Life Drawing – Dr Sketchy’s (1)

I tried out something different this time around and went to Dr Sketchy’s.

I found this evening super challenging – crowded room, close vantage point, small drawing pad, glass of wine, and corsets doing crazy things to the body shape – tons of fun! I’ll definitely give it another go. I really enjoyed drawing the bits of clothing, especially the hooped, tasselled skirt at the end.

-> photo gallery from the evening on the facebook event page.

1-15 minute poses, Derwent Drawing pencil on 9″x12″ Strathmore drawing pad.




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Life Drawing – 2

Session 2 – December, 2012

I’ve always found male figures a challenge to draw. Female figures usually have a fluid line that I find helps me join the bits together, or emphasises force or movement, but males – they’ve got unexpected planes, flat bits, and angles where I expect curves. It really pushes the learning to see side of drawing and helps me avoid making assumptions about the anatomy.


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Life Drawing – 1

Session 1 – November, 2012

I started going to life drawing with a couple other illustrator friends. It’s been years (probably more than 10) and I’m super rusty. So this begins a series of posts of wonky figure drawings. Hopefully there will be some improvement over the course of the next year, and hopefully I can keep finding the time to go.


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