New Work ~ lululemon Walnut Street

Portfolio update: I’ve added work that I designed for lululemon‘s Walnut Street, PA store to my portfolio. The Ganesha in the process image above is the centerpiece for it. A while ago, I blogged a few early drawings. Like the East Hampton and the Palmer Square artwork, I haven’t actually seen the final pieces as […]

New Work ~ lululemon Palmer Square

Portfolio Update: This is a portion of the manifesto artwork I originally designed for the Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ lululemon store. This photo shows the top panel before it was cut out and mounted on a printed background. (photo courtesy of Seaport Graphics). The artwork was printed, cut and assembled at Seaport Graphics in Boston. […]

New Work ~ lululemon Chinook Centre

This is actually new old work from back in May, but I only recently got a chance to get photos of it when I was in Calgary for an event. These are photos of lululemon athletica’s Chinook Centre storefront. I illustrated the bison (my drawings were then cut out of layers of wood by the […]

New Work ~ lululemon SoHo

I’ve updated my illustration portfolio with new piece of artwork I completed for lululemon in the summer. This 3 panel piece, called Air & Water, went to the new lululemon athletica store in SoHo, New York. . Air & Water | detail . text panel detail & work in progress . work in progress – […]

lululemon ~ Bethesda Row

A couple of months ago I did some work to hang in lululemon athletica’s Bethesda Row store. The piece has been shipped and installed so I’ve put a couple of images of it up in my illustration portfolio. The illustration was a lot of fun to put together. It involved creating reams of ink blots, […]

The Canadian Design Resource Blog

Thank you to the kind folks at The Canadian Design Resource blog who recently blogged one of the illustrations I created for lululemon athletica last year. The CDR has become one of my favourite blogs recently as it showcases such a range of all types of Canadian design and illustration both contemporary (and quirky) and […]

Framed Crow

I was framing a couple of illustrations yesterday and in the box that passes for my artwork storage I came across a little ink sketch that fit a spare frame I had lying around. Framing is tedious, expensive and time consuming and my wallspace is minimal so things don’t often make it under glass but […]

WIP~Ganesha (3)

Ganesha | pencil on vellum, rough sketch client: lululemon Athletica Illustration designed originally for the Walnut Street, PA lululemon Athletica store and the Union Square lululemon Athletica store in New York, NY /  instore (behind cash) artwork. Final artwork here: